What makes VIPARTEVENTS different from other “Paint & Sip” companies?

Many companies offer weekly “paint and sip” parties. Typically they are held at local bars and restaurants where you are just part of the HUGE noisy crowd. Tickets offered, imply that food and wine are part of the deal, but in fact they are not!  Yes, food and drink is available for separate purchase, but is usually not included in the normal ticket price.

VIPARTEVENTS realized, that to fully enjoy yourself while you paint, it would be nice to include wine tasting and appetizers in our normal ticket price.  So we now offer that option at our OPEN TO THE PUBLIC events!

VIPARTEVENTS ownership includes 7 years of catering experience, so we know how to host a fun and upscale VIP party! We believe our guests appreciate washed and folded aprons, clean water cups, sturdy paper plates, a variety of clean brushes and 9 different colors of paint.

VIPARTEVENTS painting tables are covered with paper, rather than plastic, allowing you to practice getting that “perfect brush stroke” for your next Masterpiece. Painting gets messy from time to time, so we offer 2 dinner size napkins rather than flimsy cocktail napkins. We’ll gladly refill your paints and replenish napkins at your easel, so you don’t need to get up or interrupt your “creative process”.

VIPARTEVENTS offers numerous compositions and original paintings. We believe you should be proud to hang your finished painting in your home. Let’s be frank… who really wants to invest 2+ hours painting something that looks like “two birds sitting on a tree limb with a sunset”?

VIPARTEVENTS events are conducted by real artists, with real art instruction backgrounds, not first semester art students. While everyone wants to have fun, why not pick up some artistic tips and tricks along the way.

Finally, teaching art requires patience and non-judgmental encouragement for first time beginning painters. We hope to inspire our guests to unleash their “inner Bob Ross” at each FUN painting event.

Hope you can join us soon, to experience the VIPARTEVENTS difference!