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I have attended numerous nationwide painting workshops in the past 15 years. At each workshop, I gathered various painting tips and tricks. Avoiding the normal pitfalls and painting mistakes, makes painting more fun and less stressful for the beginning painter.

Painting is all about “brush mileage”. The more paintings you produce, the more problems you solve, the easier the process becomes. It just like learning any sport, the more you practice the better you become. It’s not about making the “perfect painting” every time. It’s about learning how to sketch quickly and start applying the paint faster so you can cover the canvas quickly. The fun is in the details. The quicker you get the entire canvas covered, the more time you have to add finishing touches to your next Masterpiece!

In the weeks ahead, I will be sharing valuable information to make your life easier as you learn how to become a better painter.  Learning to paint faster is all about problem solving.
The art of painting is a life time study, so your painting journey begins now!

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Happy Painting!